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Canine Cottage is a doggy’s dream.  A place where they are safe, beloved and pampered.  All of our staff are dog loving trained professionals that will treat your dog like their own…and that’s like little STARS.

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Have your dog become top dog with our professional grooming services


Take care of your precious pooch. Find out what you should be doing.


Our active, social and fun day care will have your dog brimming with excitement


Love dogs? Thought about becoming a professional dog groomer?

About Canine Cottage

We are located in the heart of Barrhead with top quality dog grooming facilities and professionally trained staff.

As a customer of Canine Cottage your dog will enjoy being treated like a stars whilst being groomed to perfection. Our staff build strong bonds with your furry friends to a point where they can’t wait to come back to us. As a customer of Canine Cottage your dog will enjoy a wide range of pampering from running around, making friends, chilling out and that all important luxury groom.

We also offer DAY CARE, DOG TRAINING and GROOMER TRAINING.  Our GROOMER TRAINING ranges from sampler days to Level 3 Diploma Qualifications regulated by City & Guilds and Open College Network.

We also offer ‘Learn to Groom Your Own Dog’ packages.

Highest Standards in

Healthcare & Ethics

At the Canine Cottage we diligently follow the Animal Welfare Act 2006 which puts a duty of care on all people permanently or temporarily caring for animals. Ensuring as much as possible that the health, safety and welfare of the animal is top priority at all times.

This is done by following the Five Animal Needs:

  • Need for a suitable environment
  • Need for a suitable diet
  • Need to exhibit normal behavior patterns
  • Need to be housed appropriately
  • Need to be protected from pain, injury, suffering and disease


We do not routinely use cages in our salon.  Your dog will be free to move around with access to outside.  All areas are secure and risk free.  The only time we use a bedded cage is for health reasons such as isolating a dog that has become unwell allowing it to rest comfortably until collected by its owner.


We do not use cage driers on dogs.  This method of drying has potential dangers and discomfort for the dog which we will not expose them to.  All of our dogs are lovingly hand dried.

Canine Cottage
Founder & Head Groomer

Jackie Polson

Jackie is the founder of Canine Cottage, a highly qualified groomer and groomer trainer dedicated to making Canine Cottage the best Canine Care Center in Scotland. She is supported by caring trained staff that share her passion, creating THE DREAM TEAM.

She has been working with, caring for and learning about dogs for over 20 years.  With an unrivaled passion to see dogs treated properly, you can be sure your beloved dog will be well cared for.

She is a highly qualified individual who expects nothing less than loving perfection from her team, and they have no problem delivering.  Her own dogs include an Affenpinscher, a Cavapoo, a Lakeland Terrier and two Standard Poodles…. variety is the spice of life.



Head Groomer


Jackie is a City & Guilds and Open College Network qualified groomer.  She is Animal First Aid qualified with Heavenlyz and Fitzcharles Training.  She also has a BSc. Hons (First Class) in Environmental Science.  An environmental, dog loving person.

Senior Groomer


Jenn is a City & Guilds qualified groomer who trained with us and is one of the best.  She is also Animal First Aid qualified with Fitzcharles Training.  An avid animal lover from ferrets to her great big dog Misty.

New Apprentice


Ashia is a brand new apprentice who just loves dogs.  She is a wee star.

She is loving her apprenticeship and is learning fast.

An avid animal lover since childhood.


Our manager is a highly trained grooming assistant who supports all of us on a moment to moment basis.  Loves all the wee doggies like her own.  She’s great.