Dog Grooming Glasgow

Why Groom Your Dog?

Grooming should be a relaxing, pampering experience for your precious dog. That’s what we aim for at Canine Cottage…. Fluffy coats and big hugs.



Did you know?

Regular grooming keeps your dogs coat, skin and nails in great condition. It prevents matting, overgrown nails and provides a full grooming health check every time we see your dog.


Coat Care

There are many types of dog coat and they all need a different approach. From fluffy finished bichons to de-shedding Labradors, we cater for them all. We have specialist knowledge and a state of the art equipped salon.


Smart Styling

Grooming styles come in all shapes and sizes. If you have a pedigree dog there will be a breed standard cut, however these are often impracticle and are modified to suit the owner. For all other dogs there are no standard cuts so the world is your oyster. Your dog can be as simple or sensational as you like.


Health Checks

Every time your dog is groomed it is checked from nose to tail for any issues at may have. We check the nose, ears, mouth, feet, nails, hair, skin, genitalia, anal area and for any random lumps and bumps. We also check for any signs of little unwanted visitors!. We do not diagnose or give advice, we are a bit like health watch dogs for your pets.